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Hand Rejuvenation

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Fillers may be used to improve the appearance of aging hands by filling in concavities and minimizing the 'skeletized' look that they acquire over time. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm® Ultra Plus, Juvederm® Voluma and Perlane®, as well as those containing calcium hydroxyapatite, like Radiesse®, offer a fairly simple solution with a dramatic improvement to the look of the aging hands. Results often last for as long as a year, sometimes longer.

Hand rejuvenation also consists of improving the color and texture of their skin. Therefore, often times pigmented lesion lasers to remove sun spots are performed in combination with Fraxel® laser to improve the texture and wrinkling of the skin of the hands. 

The overall result of the process of Hand Rejuvenation consists of natural looking, fuller, youthful hands, with even pigmentation and skin texture.

If you would like an appointment with one of our providers to learn more about this service, please CONTACT US or call us at (305) 856-6555.


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