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Clear and Brilliant Pelo Laser

Laser Hair Removal

The Clear and Brilliant Pelo laser by the world renowned medical aesthetics device company German Medical Engineering (GME) is an effective diode laser system for laser hair removal. Its speed of performance is unsurpassed by any other laser in the market. Using an advanced scanning system, the laser is able to treat large areas of the body such as the back, in as little as 10 minutes. The laser is FDA-Approved, and may be used for hair removal in all skin types.

Diode Laser for Hair Removal and Onychomycosis with Scanning Technology

The concept of linear scanning was invented by the founders of GME. A laser beam is scanned across a large treatment area. Linear scanning offers a unique combination of short/strong pulses with a high treatment speed.


• Very fast treatments (e.g. 10 min for a back)
• Treatment area of 50 mm x 15 mm for larger areas like legs or back
• Can be adjusted by software to 25 mm x 15 mm or 12 mm x 15 mm

Effective on all Skin Types

Wavelength of 808 nm is proven to be effective for all skin types. Very strong integrated contact cooling allows hair removal in darker skin.

Two Treatment Options for Hair Removal

Standard hair removal mode:
parameters that were proven over many years
MCT (Motion Control Technology) mode:
painless treatments by pulse stacking

Clear and Brilliant Pelo Laser at Bowes Dermatology in Miami

If you would like an appointment with one of our providers to learn more about this service, please CONTACT US or call us at (305) 856-6555.

Before and after laser hair removal results at Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase in Miami
laser hair removal miami

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